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Train Wheel Stopper EMVZ-02

Train Wheel Stopper EMVZ-02 has been developed for places on marshalling yards and railway sidings, where the track operator regularly secures the wagons with a wheel stopper. Its advantage is the speed and elimination of the presence of the operator in a given place.

Basic description

The electromechanical wheel stopper is firmly clamped to the track and is controlled remotely from the control room or from the control box by the track. The information about the position of the stopper has the operator mediated by the end sensors of the device.


The device can be connected to the automatic control system or can be controlled by pressing the OPEN / CLOSE buttons. The status is indicated by colored signals.


The installation of an electromechanical wheel stopper does not require special modifications or construction work.

The mechanism is fixed by means of modified base plates to the left or right rail from below between two sleepers, always only on one side. Power and control cables are led to the stopper body by excavation along the track or by overhead routes.

Technical description

The shape and properties of the train wheel stopper model 87 laid on the rail correspond to the SŽDC Instructions of 27 January 2016. The stopper is transported to the track along an arcuate route from the outside of the track by means of a lever to which it is fastened with screws. In the event that the wagons run off and the stopper comes into contact with the wheelset, the force of the wagon will cut off the fastening bolts from the lever and brake on the rail. New screws must be used to reuse it.

In the starting position, when the stopper is outside the rail, it does not interfere with the railway clearance outline.

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