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Special equipment

Each installation of rope shifting devices is largely specific and often requires a unique solution.
Over time, there has been an increasing need to supplement shunting dewices with special equipment, that help meet operational requirements and user expectations.

Dynamic manipulator HW1E

To operate wagons on rotary wagon tipper, it was necessary to develop a manipulator that captures the moving parts of the dump truck, sets it up and later dynamically pushes the wagon out, more informations

Dynamic manipulator HW1E HW1E
Type mechatronic mechatronic
Shunting 1 wagon inside tippler 2 wagons inside tippler
Motor output 13,2 kW 15 kW
Braking force max. 33 kN max. 54 kN
Discharge force max. 10 kN max. 12 kN
Sagon weight max. 80 t max. 190 t
Incoming wagon velocity max. 1 m/s max. 1 m/s
Car travel length max. 1500 mm max. 1750 mm
Maximum length of device 7 000 mm 7 000 mm

Train Wheel Stopper

To secure the set against running, we have developed an electromechanical train wheel stopper EMVZ-02, which eliminates the need for the physical presence of the shifter in the track, more informations

Train Wheel Stopper EMVZ-02
Electric motor power 1,1 kW
External dimensions (w×l×h) 1253 × 330 × 486 mm
Stopper application speed 3 s
Hmotnost zařízení 110 kg

Rail locking mechanism

Another special device is a rail locking mechanism KAM-60-8, which grips the wheels of the standing wagon chassis as needed and thus also secures it against movement, more informations

Rail locking mechanism KAM-60-8
Manufacturer KAM-60-8 Kolejové Pohony a.s.
Power of electric motors 2× 4 kW
Reaction time Within 8 seconds from standby to working position
Power voltage 230/400 V, 50 Hz
Sensor operating voltage [V] 10...30 VDC
Maximum sustainable traction 80 kN
Optional track gauge 1435 nebo 1520 mm
Size and weight L 3930 × H 675 × W 4275 mm / 3000 kg