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Coal Unloading System on the Innofreight Tipper

January 2022 Location: steelworks Třinecké železárny, a.s., Czech Republic

The long-prepared project of a major steel product manufacturer has entered the implementation phase. It is an innovative process of transport and unloading of coal, where this raw material is transported by rail in special containers instead of classic coal wagons and the containers are unloaded on a special tipper of Innofreight system.

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Our company was approached to ensure the movement of these sets during tipping and subsequently the removal of empty sets to one of the two parking tracks.

The coordination of activities with the tipper and the partial automation of processes place relatively high demands on the measurement and creating a control system program. Theshunting system consists of 3 LTV-PV devices, which must at the same time ensure the tipping of EANOS type wagons on the existing bridge tipper.

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Coal Unloading on the Coke Plant

January 2022 Location: steelworks Třinecké železárny, a.s., Czech Republic

Beginning of the implementation of the LTV-PV shunting device during coal unloading at the coke plant of steelworks. This is the unloading of hopper wagons into a deep tipper on track No. 1923.

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New Design Project the LTV-PV

2nd half of 2021 Location: Ostrava, Czech Republic

As part of increasing the competitiveness of our products on the market, we strive to improve not only their quality and technical properties, but also their design, which can play an important role in promoting competition. The company Kolejové pohony a.s therefore concluded a contract with the design group MARTIN TVARŮŽEK DESIGN s.r.o. to develop a new design the LTV-PV power station and remote place.


The support of the Moravian-Silesian Region in the form of the possibility to use a subsidy in the announced Subsidy Program Business Support significantly helps us in the implementation of this project in the Moravian-Silesian Region 2021. Under this contract, the Provider will provide the Beneficiary with a non-investment subsidy in the maximum amount of 70.00 % of the total eligible costs actually incurred for the implementation of the project.

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We assume that the resulting solution will find its application in the implementation of orders in the middle of 2022.

Modernization of LTV-PV Equipment

prosinec 2021 Location: Lenzing Biocel Paskov a.s., Czech Republic

As part of the modernization of the existing older LTV-PV equipment, we inspected and overhauled the drive station with the hydraulic unit, replaced the rope including sliding elements, delivered new elements of the return station and replaced the electrical and switchboard part with the control system.

In the second phase, the trolley was replaced with a new one.

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Rope Shunting Device During Cement Loading

May 2021 Location: Cementownia "WARTA" S.A., Działoszyn, Poland

To the cement plant "WARTA" S.A. we delivered the second LTV-PV equipment to the parallel track when loading cement onto wagons. Due to the lack of space, a second device was also installed with a drive station located in the track.

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Rope Shunting Device in Flotation Operation Area

January 2021 Location: KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., ZWR Polkowice / ZANEM Sp. z o.o., Poland

Delivery of the LTV-PV rope shunting device for a single track designed for the unloading of tanks at two filling stations in the operation of the Ore Enrichment Plant in Polkowice.

The delivery includes a solution for shifting in the area of concrete travel paving, two road crossings and two protective tubs in the places of product bottling. This is a replacement for the originally designed equipment from another manufacturer.

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Partial overhaul of older equipment PZ-15

2020 Location: Cement Plant in Trzuskawica, Poland

Delivery and installation of a new runway, shunting carriage and ropes with previous dismantling of old worn parts in the cement plant.

The original equipment from our production has been in use since 2004.

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Reconstruction of LTV-PV shunting device

2019 Location: Slovnaft Bratislava, a.s., Slovakia

Reconstruction of the LTV-PV rope shunting device on track No. 812, where bottling of liquid products in the refinery complex is carried out.

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Reconstruction of wagon shifting in department BS2

2018 Location: Precheza, a.s., Přerov, Czech Republic

In area of track designed for loading of fertilizers, we performed a general overhaul of the LTV-PV shunting device with the replacement of most of the mechanical parts and the reconstruction of the electrical part.

The original equipment has been in use since 2001.

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Implementation of 3 shunting devices during loading and unloading of coal

2018 Location: Port Północny S.A., Gdańsk, Poland

In the transhipment terminal in Gdańsk (Port Północny), we have implemented 3 rope shifting devices in demanding operating conditions:

  1. LTV-PV rope shunting device in the area of ​​the imported coal loading point. Due to the lack of space, the device itself has an atypically designed drive station located in the middle of the route outside the track at an angle to the track and a control system with advanced automation of the wagon movement. The system is further integrated with the KAM-60-8 Rail Locking Mechanism, which has the task of holding a set of full wagons standing partially on a slope at a time when the wagons are not held by the carriage, and with two electromechanical vehicle stops EMVZ-02, which serve to increase safety in case of passing wagons.
  2. LTV-PV rope device with an extended version of the carriage for pulling a set of wagons out of the defrost building, setting up individual wagons in a rotary tipper and their subsequent ejection to the slope behind the tipper.
  3. LTV-PV rope device on the marshalling yard behind the tipper. A control system with automation of wagons moving is also applied here when folding empty descending wagons into a set. This device cooperates with device no. 2 and its task is to compress separate pairs of wagons descending from the tipper into one set in regular cycles.
Port Północny, Poland, 3 rope shifting devices

Rope shunting device in department KJT

2017 Location: Třinecké železárny, a.s., Czech Republic

Installation of a new LTV-PV rope device in the hall. This device is atypical in that it is entirely built into the floor of the production hall, including the laying of concrete panels inside the track for a smooth passage of wheeled vehicles.

It is used to move wagons when reloading metallurgical material.

Rope shunting device in department KJT, Třinecké železárny, Czech Republic